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What is the cause of vibration of Shanghai electric machinery?

systemdate:2021/1/11 10:41:08 from:Shanghai Zuoli
Shanghai Zuoli motor manufacturer said that Shanghai motor, like other mechanical equipment, has the transmission and change of various physical and chemical parameters during operation, such as energy, heat, wear and vibration. The change of these information directly and indirectly reflects the operation state of the motor, and vibration can sensitively reflect the operation state of Shanghai motor.

How to find out the cause of vibration

1. Before Shanghai motor is shut down, the vibration of each part is checked with a vibration meter, and the vibration value of the parts with larger vibration is tested in three directions perpendicular to the horizontal axis. If the anchor screw is loose or the bearing end cover screw is loose, it can be directly tightened. After tightening, the vibration can be measured to determine whether to reduce the vibration.

Secondly, check whether the three-phase voltage of the power supply is balanced and whether the three-phase fuse is burning. The single-phase operation of Shanghai motor will not only cause vibration, but also make the motor temperature rise rapidly.

After that, check whether the three-phase current of Shanghai motor is balanced, find out the problem in time and contact the operator to stop the motor, so as to avoid burning the motor.

2. If the vibration problem after the surface phenomenon of Shanghai motor is not solved, the power supply will continue to be disconnected, and the coupling can be loosened, so that the load connected with it can be mechanically separated, and the single rotation motor can be operated.

If Shanghai motor itself does not vibrate, it means that the vibration source is caused by incorrect coupling or mechanical load. If Shanghai motor vibrates, it means that there is something wrong with the motor itself.

In addition, the power-off method can be used to distinguish between electrical and mechanical causes. When the power failure, Shanghai motor does not immediately vibration or reduce the vibration, this is the electrical reason, otherwise it is mechanical failure.

There are many factors that cause the vibration of Shanghai motor, such as the quality of the motor itself, the matching between the motor and the equipment, the actual working conditions and so on.

As far as Shanghai motor is concerned, the inherent mechanical vibration characteristics of the motor can be guaranteed to meet the requirements by controlling the processing of parts, fixing of windings, dynamic balance of rotor and coordination of parts. In addition to the vibration caused by mechanical factors, the vibration caused by the motor is also more common, such as the vibration caused by the uneven air gap between the stator and the rotor, the axial movement caused by the misalignment of the stator and the rotor core, and the resonance caused by the power frequency. The vibration analysis caused by electrical factors can be judged directly by cutting off the power supply.

In particular, it should be reminded that the vibration requirements of Shanghai electric machinery are different under different working conditions, so special requirements should be put forward for its overall strength. Therefore, full communication between supply and demand is particularly important.


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