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Service life regulation and characteristics of the latest energy saving motor

systemdate:2021/1/6 10:55:38 from:Shanghai Zuoli
At present, many users pay great attention to the service life and characteristics of energy-saving motors when they buy them. Many enterprises pay more and more attention to energy saving, environmental protection and later maintenance, so users will pay special attention to the service life and characteristics of the motor when purchasing. Each country has its own energy efficiency standard, and the international standard is IEC standard. Many people will confuse national standard with IEC standard. Let's take a look at the service life and features of the latest energy-saving motors.

Service life regulation of the latest energy saving motor

1. The service life of energy-saving motor is related to insulation deterioration or obstacles caused by sliding parts friction and bearing deterioration, which mostly depends on the bearing condition.

2. In most cases, the load weight and heating conditions of the bearing, as well as the service life of the lubricating oil will have an impact on the machinery, mainly because the temperature directly affects the service life.

3. At present, the service life of commonly used motors ranges from 40000 hours to 100000 hours. Good quality motor will have corresponding technology, such as oil-free lubrication, sealed bearing, overheat protection, commutator service life significantly improved.

4. Compared with AC motor, DC motor has the characteristics of high quality, and the service life of DC motor can be directly determined by the maintenance quality.

Characteristics of energy saving motor

1. The use of energy-saving motor can effectively save energy and reduce long-term operation cost, which is very suitable for textile, fan, water pump, compressor, etc. The purchase cost of the motor can be recovered by saving electricity for one year.

2. Asynchronous motor can be completely replaced by directly starting energy-saving motor or using frequency converter speed regulation.

3. The rare earth permanent magnet high efficiency energy saving motor itself saves more than 15% of the electric energy compared with the ordinary motor, and the high efficiency motor saves 15% of the electric energy compared with the ordinary motor.

4. The power factor of the motor is close to 1, so the quality factor of the power grid is improved and no power factor compensator is needed.

5. The energy-saving motor has small current, saves transmission and distribution capacitance, and prolongs the overall operation life of the system.

To sum up, there are national and international standards for energy-saving motors, but there are also some differences. When purchasing products, you need to know the corresponding energy-saving motor standards. The service life of the energy-saving motor is determined by the lubricating oil. Of course, there is no lack of phase, no water, no overload, and the bearing is checked frequently. With the cooperation of the comprehensive protector of the motor, the service life of the energy-saving motor is normal between 40000 and 100000 hours. The main reason is that the maintenance is in place, and the service life will be extended.


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