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Seven energy saving measures of three phase asynchronous motor

systemdate:2020/12/30 9:58:21 from:Shanghai Zuoli
Seven energy-saving measures of three-phase asynchronous motor can be used alone or at the same time. These measures are as follows:

(1) Three phase asynchronous motor should first consider the selection of high efficiency and energy saving motor, and then consider other performance indicators according to the need to save electric energy.

(2) In order to improve the efficiency of the three-phase asynchronous motor, if the self cooling fan of the motor is changed to the cooling fan, the cooling fan can be turned off when the load is very small or the outdoor motor is in winter, which is conducive to reducing energy consumption.

(3) The stator winding is changed into star delta hybrid series winding, and the star connection method or triangle connection method is converted according to the load weight, which is beneficial to improve the magnetomotive force waveform generated by the winding, reduce the working current of the winding, and achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving.

(4) Other continuous speed regulation modes are adopted, such as voltage regulator, pole changing motor, electromagnetic coupling governor, frequency conversion speed regulation device, etc.

(5) Replacing the motor of "big horse pulling trolley" not only wastes electric energy and easily causes equipment damage, but also the reasonable adjustment of three-phase asynchronous motor can make the motor run in the high-efficiency working area and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

(6) Reasonable installation of shunt low voltage reactive power compensation capacitor can effectively improve power factor, reduce reactive power loss and save electric energy.

(7) The conductor section from the joint to the watt hour meter and three-phase asynchronous motor shall meet the load flow, and the conductor shall be shortened as far as possible to reduce the resistance and loss of the conductor.

In a word, the necessary technical energy-saving measures are taken for the three-phase asynchronous motor, which is not only conducive to the safe and stable operation of the power grid, but also can make the user reduce the electricity expenditure.


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