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Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory shares the secret of prolonging service life

systemdate:2020/12/29 10:09:00 from:Shanghai Zuoli
In recent years, in all walks of life, the utilization rate of motors in Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory is relatively high, but because of its special internal structure, compared with many other ordinary motors, the use time will be shorter, and the motor is easy to burn, which is a serious problem. If you want to extend the service life of the motor in Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory, please listen to the secret shared by Shanghai electric machinery factory.

1. Pay attention to the maintenance of the bearing

In general, the motor bearing should be supplemented with grease when it runs for two or three months. In standby mode, grease should be injected at the nozzle with oil gun or after stitching. Pay attention to the injection volume, about 1 / 3 ~ 1 / 2 of the bearing volume.

2. Pay attention to regular maintenance

When the motor runs continuously for about 5 months, it needs a small maintenance. When it runs for one year, it needs a large maintenance. In small maintenance, dust is usually removed to check the insulation resistance of the coil and whether the wiring is firm. During major maintenance, thoroughly clean the internal dust, pay attention to the wear degree of the bearing, check whether the joint is grounded, whether the bolt is loose, and timely tighten or replace with new grease.

3. Pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise

The first thing to see is the abnormal noise of the motor when it is started up, but if the problem is solved in the process of starting up the motor.

4. Pay attention to store the motor

When the motor is not used for a period of time, it should be placed in the ventilated and dry air, and pay attention to no corrosive gas in the warehouse. For newly stored motors, regular inspection should also be carried out.

Familiar with the daily maintenance of Shanghai motor factory. When you buy a motor, you should find a professional and regular Shanghai motor factory, which can not only guarantee the product quality, but also extend the service life of the motor.


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