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Features and functions of ultra quiet exhaust fan

systemdate:2020/12/28 10:38:51 from:Shanghai Zuoli
Home is a place for everyone to rest every day. Indoor air quality directly affects our physical quality and sleep quality. Especially children in the family are in the stage of growth and development, and their immunity is far lower than that of adults. Therefore, the air quality of life should be paid more attention. So what we are talking about now is super quiet exhaust fan, so what is super quiet exhaust fan?

The ultra quiet exhaust fan is designed and researched on the original GDF pipeline centrifugal fan box by improving the process, maintaining the original large air volume and low noise characteristics, further reducing the volume, reducing noise, improving energy efficiency. It is suitable for high-end office buildings, hotels, shops and other places that need a quiet environment. Exhaust fan is an effective air purification equipment, which can make the indoor air circulation. On the one hand, it can make the indoor dirty air out of the room. On the other hand, the outdoor fresh air is input into the room after sterilization, disinfection, filtration and other measures, so as to keep the room fresh all the time.

Features of ultra quiet exhaust fan:

Noise reduction effect: large air volume, good silence effect. The fuselage is equipped with sound-absorbing material, which greatly reduces the noise. The minimum noise value is only 18db (air volume 115m3 / h).

Design features: ultra light and ultra-thin design, the machine is installed in the ceiling, does not occupy indoor space, does not affect the interior decoration effect. Unique structure design, the duct mute technology is applied to the equipment, to ensure the perfect mute effect.

High temperature resistance: using high efficiency turbine to produce low noise and temperature resistant products. Low noise, high temperature products also use aluminum galvanized steel shell, with excellent rust resistance.

Exquisite appearance: small size, high efficiency, long service life, good performance of fan blade, large air volume and low noise. The cube structure is adopted to make the installation direction arbitrary.

Functions of ultra quiet exhaust fan:

1. The unique dynamic and static balance technology is adopted to make the noise of mechanical operation ≤ 45dB. According to the climate and geographical environment of the applicable area, the functions of poison elimination, sterilization, heating, dust prevention and sound insulation are combined into different product series.

2. Using UHV head and large flow fan to realize mechanical ventilation and air exchange, indoor air quality is improved in a purely physical way, without secondary pollution and derivative pollution.

3. The air flow rate and speed meet the requirements of the new "healthy housing code", without side effects and discomfort to human body. The combination of multiple functions (i.e. dust removal, sterilization, oxygenation and heating) is integrated. Because there is no cross pipe in the air, the infection can be effectively prevented through the pipe.


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