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Is the exhaust fan suitable for installation in the bathroom?

systemdate:2020/12/19 10:55:29 from:Shanghai Zuoli
Is it appropriate to install an exhaust fan or ventilator in the bathroom? The humidity and smell in the bathroom are serious, so many people choose exhaust fans, ventilators and other equipment to alleviate this situation. In the face of so many dehumidification and exhaust devices, how to make an accurate choice has become a problem in front of us. Next, from the exhaust speed, noise and other aspects, the common exhaust fan and fan on the market are compared to see which is better.

1、 Exhaust speed, choose the appropriate dehumidification, exhaust products, can effectively and quickly solve the bathroom moisture and odor, is undoubtedly very looking forward to. First, let's compare the exhaust velocities. The exhaust fan is a device which can directly extract the indoor odor through the high-speed rotation of the internal blades. It is characterized by large suction, and the exhaust speed is usually more than 10 meters per minute. On the other hand, the fan's adsorption capacity is usually about 5 meters per minute. As far as the exhaust fan is concerned, its time and suction speed are both slower than those of the exhaust fan. Therefore, for partners who want to quickly remove odor, it is recommended to choose exhaust fan and other equipment.

2、 We also need to pay attention to the size of the noise. After all, if the noise is too loud, it can also affect the lives of family members or neighbors. However, the actual volume should be judged in decibels. Like a ventilator, its decibels are usually below 40 decibels. When we start running, we can hardly feel a whisper, and even if we let it work at night, it doesn't have to worry about disturbing other people's rest. For the exhaust fan, the noise generated by the exhaust fan is higher than that of the fan due to the hum. Therefore, more sensitive to noise friends try to buy fans.

3、 The price is high or low. Many people will consider the price of a product, with the purchase goal of high quality and low price. For these two devices, the price of exhaust fan is generally between 50-90 yuan, which is more economical and practical. In contrast, due to the fan with suction, exhaust, lighting and other functions, the production process is more complex, the cost is much higher than a deodorizing exhaust fan, the market price is generally more than 150 yuan. Therefore, in terms of price, the exhaust fan should be more affordable. Of course, for those who want more features, you can also choose the ventilator.

4、 Energy saving effect, judge whether electrical energy saving, mainly based on the level of energy saving rate to judge. In terms of these two devices, the energy efficiency of the exhaust fan is relatively low. Generally, it takes more than 30 hours to consume 1 kwh, which is energy-saving and environmental protection. Compared with exhaust fan, fan is more expensive than exhaust fan because of its high power, high energy efficiency, higher frequency of use, and also used for lighting.


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