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  • YK2-160M1-2 motor
    • Name: YK2-160M1-2 Screw compressor motor
    • Series: YK2 Screw compressor motor
    • Type: Screw compressor motor
    • Brand: ShangHai Fangli Screw compressor motor
    • Place of Origin: Shanghai
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    • Supplier: Shanghai Fangli Motor Co., Ltd.
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YK2-160M1-2 Screw compressor motor

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YK2-160M1-2 motor is a kind of motor which is widely used in china. Because of the high efficiency, energy saving, good performance and high reliability of YK2-160M1-2 motor, it has been regarded as an irreplaceable motor product、The number of poles of a YK2-160M1-2 motor is the number of poles of a rotating magnetic field.The number of poles of the rotating magnetic field is related to the arrangement of the three-phasewindings。

YK2-160M1-2 Motor specifications

  • Motor type:
  • YK2-160M1-2
  • Brand:
  • ShangHai Fangli
  • Series:
  • YK2
  • Type:
  • Screw compressor motor
  • Physical map:
  • YK2-132S1-2-FL
  • Rated power(KW):
  • 11
  • Rated power(HP):
  • 15
  • Full load current(380V):
  • 21
  • Full load current(400V):
  • 20
  • Full load current(415V):
  • 19.2
  • Speed(RPM):
  • 2930
  • Efficiency(η%):
  • 89.4
  • Power factor(Cosφ):
  • 0.89
  • No-load noise(dB(A)):
  • 81
  • Rated torque(N.m):
  • 35.81
  • Locked rotor torque(Tst/Tn):
  • 2.2
  • Maximum torque(Tmax/Tn):
  • 2.3
  • Locked rotor current(lst/ln):
  • 7.9

YK2-160M1-2 Screw compressor motor Instructions

YK2 series three-phase asynchronous motor is designed and manufactured for screw compressor, the base is high strength cast iron frame, the junction box is located at the top or side of the extension two. The base number is H132-H315, the installation mode is divided into IMB3, IMB35, service factor of SF=1.15 or SF=1.2 or SF=1.25, insulation class F, rated load temperature rise by B level assessment. When the coefficient of load, the temperature rise according to 90K assessment, bearing temperature should not exceed 95 degrees C

YK2-160M1-2 Screw compressor motor Technical features/ Use conditions/ Code description


YK2-160M1-2 Screw compressor motor Mounting dimensions and dimensions



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