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  • YE3-315M-4 motor
    • Name: YE3-315M-4 High efficiency motor
    • Series: YE3 High efficiency motor
    • Type: High efficiency motor
    • Brand: ShangHai Fangli High efficiency motor
    • Place of Origin: Shanghai
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    • Supplier: Shanghai Fangli Motor Co., Ltd.
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YE3-315M-4 High efficiency motor

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YE3-315M-4 motor rated voltage of 380V, 660V, 380/660V, rated frequency of 50Hz, working mode: S1 (continuous working), cooling mode: IC411 (air cooling), protection level: IP55, insulation class: F、YE3-315M-4 motor stator pole (the main pole) consists of the core and the excitation winding. According to the difference between the excitation and the old standard, it can be divided into series DC motor, Shunt DC motor, DC motor and compound DC motor。

YE3-315M-4 Motor specifications

  • Motor type:
  • YE3-315M-4
  • Brand:
  • ShangHai Fangli
  • Series:
  • YE3
  • Type:
  • High efficiency motor
  • Physical map:
  • YE3-80M1-2-FL
  • Rated power(KW):
  • 132
  • Rated power(HP):
  • 180
  • Full load current(380V):
  • 235.7
  • Full load current(400V):
  • 223.9
  • Full load current(415V):
  • 215.8
  • Speed(RPM):
  • 1482
  • Efficiency(η%):
  • 95.6
  • Power factor(Cosφ):
  • 0.89
  • No-load noise(dB(A)):
  • 88
  • Rated torque(N.m):
  • 850.5
  • Locked rotor torque(Tst/Tn):
  • 2
  • Maximum torque(Tmax/Tn):
  • 2.2
  • Locked rotor current(lst/ln):
  • 7
  • Weight(Kg):
  • 1005

YE3-315M-4 High efficiency motor Instructions

YE3 super high efficiency cast iron motor YE3 series is based on the latest development of the GB/T28575-2012 fully enclosed fan fan cage type super high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor, and the company has achieved ultra high efficiency and energy saving certification. The efficiency index of the motor reaches GB18613-2012 Level 2 Chinese "limited values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating" level of energy efficiency in small and medium sized three-phase asynchronous motor, with IEC60034-30 in energy efficiency rating in IE3, and is currently the most advanced American NEMA ultra efficient motors at the same level. YE2 series, YE3 series super high efficiency motor is more energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection. The size of the installation, the power level and the general motors are identical, in line with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60072-1 standard, can be directly replaced to achieve the purpose of energy saving, electricity saving, easy marketing. The center of the high H160 and above motor can be equipped with no stop oil injection device, and set aside to install thermistor and moisture-proof heating belt space, convenient for users to choose. The series motor power range: 0.75kW-375kW; base height: H80 H355.

YE3-315M-4 High efficiency motor Technical features/ Use conditions/ Code description


YE3-315M-4 High efficiency motor Mounting dimensions and dimensions



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