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  • YCT-112-4A motor
    • Name: YCT-112-4A Electromagnetic speed regulating motor
    • Series: YCT Electromagnetic speed regulating motor
    • Type: Electromagnetic speed regulating motor
    • Brand: ShangHai Fangli Electromagnetic speed regulating motor
    • Place of Origin: Shanghai
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    • Supplier: Shanghai Fangli Motor Co., Ltd.
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YCT-112-4A Electromagnetic speed regulating motor

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YCT-112-4A motor structure is simple, compared with other types of easy to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy, so easy to mass production, manufacturing cost is low, the use is very common、YCT-112-4A motor base installation specifications, center height and other indicators have reached the eligibility criteria. YCT-112-4A motor is used in the ambient temperature of 40 degrees Celsius -15 degrees Celsius above sea level, no more than 1000m, rated voltage 380V or 200V to 760V, rated frequency 50Hz or 60Hz Protection grade IP55 or IP54, insulation class F level, motor temperature rise according to B level assessment, cooling mode is IC411。

YCT-112-4A Motor specifications

  • Motor type:
  • YCT-112-4A
  • Brand:
  • ShangHai Fangli
  • Series:
  • YCT
  • Type:
  • Electromagnetic speed regulating motor
  • Physical map:
  • YCT-112-4A-FL
  • Rated power(KW):
  • 0.55
  • Rated power(HP):
  • 0.75
  • Speed(RPM):
  • 2825
  • Locked rotor torque(Tst/Tn):
  • 3.6
  • Speed range:
  • 1230~125
  • Excitation voltage(V):
  • <90
  • Excitation current(Amp):
  • <1.3
  • Noise(dB(A)):
  • 75

YCT-112-4A Electromagnetic speed regulating motor Instructions

YCT series electromagnetic adjustable speed motor is made up of three parts: the drive motor, the electromagnetic slip clutch and the controller. It is usually used with JD or ZJK controller. Can be used for constant torque load occasions, particularly suitable for use in decreasing torque load (such as the centrifugal pump and fan), widely used in various types of assembly line equipment, injection molding machine, printing machine, water pump, blower, rotary furnace, rolling machine, wire drawing machines and other industrial equipment. YCT series electromagnetic adjustable speed motor in the speed range within the prescribed uniform and continuous stepless speed regulation, and can output the rated torque, the running of the motor load torque changes, speed controller negative excitation current feedback system can automatically adjust the clutch, the output speed remains unchanged

YCT-112-4A Electromagnetic speed regulating motor Technical features/ Use conditions/ Code description


YCT-112-4A Electromagnetic speed regulating motor Mounting dimensions and dimensions



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