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  • YBX3-225M-6 motor
    • Name: YBX3-225M-6 Efficient explosion - proof motor
    • Series: YBX3 Efficient explosion - proof motor
    • Type: Efficient explosion - proof motor
    • Brand: ShangHai Fangli Efficient explosion - proof motor
    • Place of Origin: Shanghai
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    • Supplier: Shanghai Fangli Motor Co., Ltd.
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YBX3-225M-6 Efficient explosion - proof motor

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The excitation mode is the problem of how to set up the main magnetic field of the excitation winding. According to the different excitation mode, DC motor can be divided into the following types、YBX3-225M-6 motor rated voltage of 380V, 660V, 380/660V, rated frequency of 50Hz, working mode: S1 (continuous working), cooling mode: IC411 (air cooling), protection level: IP55, insulation class: F。

YBX3-225M-6 Motor specifications

  • Motor type:
  • YBX3-225M-6
  • Brand:
  • ShangHai Fangli
  • Series:
  • YBX3
  • Type:
  • Efficient explosion - proof motor
  • Physical map:
  • YBX3-80M1-2-FL
  • Rated power(KW):
  • 30
  • Rated power(HP):
  • 40
  • Full load current(380V):
  • 57.6
  • Full load current(660V):
  • 33.2
  • Speed(RPM):
  • 975
  • Efficiency(η%):
  • 92
  • Power factor(Cosφ):
  • 0.86
  • No-load noise(dB(A)):
  • 76
  • No-load vibration(mm/s):
  • 2.8
  • Locked rotor torque(Tst/Tn):
  • 2.1
  • Maximum torque(Tmax/Tn):
  • 2.4
  • Locked rotor current(lst/ln):
  • 7
  • Weight(Kg):
  • 330

YBX3-225M-6 Efficient explosion - proof motor Instructions

YBX3 series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor is a basic series of fully enclosed, fan cooled, squirrel cage, flameproof three-phase asynchronous motors developed on the basis of the unified design of the reference industry. The efficiency of energy efficiency "GB18613-2012 small three-phase asynchronous motor is of limited value and energy efficiency rating" of the limited values of energy efficiency standards, the efficiency reached the 2 national level of energy efficiency, and has excellent performance, safe and reliable use, the characteristics of vibration and noise than similar products of small, to meet the requirements of environmental protection. The performance of YBX3 series explosion-proof motor with GB3836.1-2010 "explosive atmospheres - part first: General requirements for equipment and" GB3836.2-2010 "explosive atmospheres - Part second: Flameproof Enclosure" d "by" the provisions of protection equipment, made of explosion-proof. YBX3 series explosion-proof motor marks: Exdl, ExdII AT4 and Exd II BT4 Exdl, which is suitable for the coal mine environment of methane or coal dust explosive gas mixture; Exd II AT4 and Exd IIBT4 apply to factory "Class A, class B, T1 temperature group, T2, presence of explosive gas the mixture of T3 and T4 in group environment.

YBX3-225M-6 Efficient explosion - proof motor Technical features/ Use conditions/ Code description


YBX3-225M-6 Efficient explosion - proof motor Mounting dimensions and dimensions



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